Cabinets are almost done

So, Saturday was a lost day as expected, but this is a long weekend. Mike and I spent a lot of time on Sunday working on the cabinets, and were there until about 3am. We got them all installed except for the sink cabinet. Right where it needed to be fastened to the wall, there was some sort of steel plate in the wall, so we couldn’t drill in and put an expansion bolt. So, today our first challenge was that. We ghetto-rigged on a piece of wood and two bolts to go into the wall nearby. There’s a photo in the gallery. Anyway, we got that done, then cut all the counters and set them on top. We just need to find screws and attach them, then install the sink.

Me doing some important supervision work:

One of the many cabinets that are perfectly level:

And here’s what the cabinets look like with the countertop. We will be cutting a hole in the left hand one and putting in the sink. The corner cut there was pretty tricky, but it’s pretty close.

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