Cabinet progress

I haven’t had a lot of time to mess with the cabinets, but they seem to be pretty easy to install so far. We’ve got 3/7 of the wall cabinets installed, and the rest should be done sunday. I have a big important beer pong tournament tomorrow, so I’m not sure anything will get done. Anyway, I spent a summer unloading cabinets off trucks at construction sites, and I got to see a lot of installer technique, and it looked pretty tricky. They used to build these little machines out of an old car jack with a box mounted around it, in order to hold up the wall cabinets at a level position while they screwed them in. Ikea has a tight system where you mount a metal rail on the wall first, then just “hang” the cabinets from it. That way you don’t have to manhandle a big heavy cabinet while you are trying to get it perfectly level. I had to cut a couple side panels tonight and I was gonna use my dad’s table saw, but it chipped up the first board pretty bad (luckily it won’t be visible in the installation). I ended up going over to his neighbor’s house and using his fancy laser miter saw. Anyway, here are some pictures that are a few days old:

Mike screws in a wall rail:

..and the cabinets are hung. There is an end panel on the left side now (it wasn’t there in the pic), so the white surface isn’t exposed anymore:

An army of base cabinets awaits installation:

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