The painting was completed last night, except for a couple touch up items. Today after work, Bob and I reviewed the cabinet plans. Then, I went to my parents’ and borrowed the van and took the seats out. Mike and I went to Ikea and put in the order. We left for Ikea around 7:30, and the van was fully loaded to the brim with cabinets by 9:30. They were running a deal where you get a $250 gift certficate with $2500+ in purchases, so that pretty much knocked out the sales tax, which was pretty awesome. The whole cabinet configuration ended up just under 3k, although I haven’t decided on/bought the handles yet. We stopped by QT then headed to the condo to unload. By about 10:30, everything was unloaded into the garage and we decided to call it quits. Tomorrow, we start building/installing. I’m a little worried about the two rows of cabinets that are angled. Cutting the countertops to match perfectly is going to be very tricky. Aside from that, it shouldn’t be too bad.

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