Plumbing is an art of the hack

My goal for today was to get the sink in the kitchen installed. The shutoff valves in there were crap and didn’t work well at all, so it was a mess having the faucet/dishwasher off for so long. I went to Home Depot during lunch to peruse the shutoff valve selection, and didn’t really know what I was doing. The guy told me they didn’t have what I needed and I’d have to go to some special plumbing store. I stopped by the condo after work and cut the cabinets up some more so the sink would fit. I couldn’t get ahold of Mike, so I didn’t have anyone to help me lift the sink into position, so I cut some toekicks, then inspected the shutoff valves. I made another trip to Home Depot knowing the sizes I needed. They said they were out of stock of what I needed for the dishwasher hookup, but I bought one valve for the cold water. I went to the other Home Depot in Tempe, and they had a terrible limited selection. I went to Lowes, and their selection was crap. Sitting in Lowes lamenting over the inability to buy the parts I needed, I finally stumbled upon a T connector that would get everything to work if I went back to Home Depot and got another shutoff valve. So, I made a total of 5 visits to home improvement stores and I had what I needed. Exciting! I went back and hooked everything up, and it was leaky. Finally, we resorted to getting my dad to come over and take a look. We fiddled around and replaced compression rings and teflon taped and tightened, and the leaks are minimal. It does still seem to be leaking a bit. We’ll see how it is after a day. Anyway, my conclusion is, plumbing is something that is far from perfected despite how long it has been developed. Keeping water under pressure from leaking is really a pretty tall order.

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