We keep painting and painting and it never gets done. I think all of the ceilings are done as of today, except for the living room needs a little work. I got there today pretty early, so there was a little daylight left, and I could see some spots. Once the light was gone, it was hard to tell with artificial light. I’ll have to run over there right away after work tomorrow and take care of it. I started the walls in the master bedroom, and got the first coat done. The window was a bit of a pain since there was lots of masking. Here’s a pic of what it looks like, although its hard to really get an idea of the color from this photo:

You can see the flat white ceiling, which looks pretty cool in contrast. I tried a new trick on the corners to help get sharper lines between colors. I was talking to Anbar a few weeks ago, and she had some secret technique, but I couldn’t remember what it was, so I went looking online. I found a couple things, but the easiest seemed to be this…you mask around the edge of the ceiling, then paint the ceiling color over the tape. That way the ceiling colored paint bleeds under the tape and makes a “seal”. I couldn’t remember if you were supposed to wait for it to dry, so I gave it like 2 hours, cause it seemed like the seal would work better if it dried. Then you paint the corners again with the wall color. I think this wall is going to need a second coat, so I left all the tape in place, but we should see the results tomorrow.

So that is that room, and one other room is completely done with paint, except for the closet. Here’s a couple pictures of the accent color in action:

Hopefully with the ceilings finished tomorrow, things will start moving faster. The bathrooms and kitchen could be a pretty big pain though.

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