Bathroom counters

So, one of the only major decisions I have left to make is what to do with the bathrooms. Since I’m going to replace the kitchen cabinets, it would be pretty ghetto if I left the bathrooms alone. The shared bathroom would be easy; it is a standard size (37″), plus it is next to the toilet, so I could use a different sized cabinet/counter if I wanted. With that in mind, I have a wide range of options. In the master, however, there is a 71″ counter with double sinks. The standard size for a double sink counter is 61″. They have some pretty cool corian ones at home depot for under $300, but alas I cannot use them. The counter has walls on both sides, so I pretty much need to find something that is 71 inches long. That basically leaves me with two options. Tile the counter top or order a custom one for $700+. Lowes has a granite single sink custom counter for about $700. I need to get more info, but it seems like a decent deal for granite, but still lots of money. Tile would be very flexible and probably pretty cheap if I do it myself, but lots of work, and I’ve already got a lot of work on my hands. So, there you have it. I’d love to hear any other ideas or opinions on which would be better. I also have yet to shop for cabinets for the bathrooms, so I need to do that.

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