More progress

Now, all of the rooms have been painted with at least one coat except for the kitchen, stairway and one bathroom. Tonight, we can hopefully finish up a second coat on some or all of those. The stairway has some really tall parts, so I’m going to try to find this fabled “sponge on a stick” device to get the corners. The roller on a pole should be able to get most of it. In the kitchen, my attack plan is to rip out all the cabinets except the sink one before painting, so it is easy to paint. Then, once that is done, it will be time to pick up the new cabinets, which will be one of the biggest purchases so far. My plan is to do the Akurum cabinet series from Ikea with Adel medium brown finish. I’d link to them, but the site is broken right now. I need to finalize the layout before I buy those. Once the paint and cabinets are done, the tile can start, which will be exciting.

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