paint paint paint

After Saturday’s painting bonanza, we had most of the ceilings covered, many of them with two coats. We also got some more paint samples and switched up the main wall color to “Natural Taupe”.

Yesterday, we figured we’d get started on the walls. We went to home depot and picked up some more paint for the wall colors. Five gallons of the main color, and two gallons of accent. We wrapped up most of the second coats on the ceiling, but there are still some bad spots, so I think we will still need to add coats in some places. We’ve gone through 7 gallons of ceiling paint so far, although 2 of them went bad. Anyway, we also finished some of the accent walls. One whole room is accent color, and that has a full coat now. We’ll have to do a second coat on most of the accent walls, but they are looking good. I think I’m gonna take today off from working because I’m getting pretty sore. There are lots of new pics in the gallery.

We also looked at some cabinets at home depot…I found some nice ones and they are all right around $3k for a “sample 10×10” kitchen, which I think is a little smaller than my kitchen. That’s about $1000 more than Ikea for the sample kitchen (Ikea also includes countertops, so the difference is really bigger than that). I’m planning on going to Ikea to check on the quality of theirs this evening, but I think the home depot ones are way nicer, and I could maybe get all the cabinets I need for about $4k. They also had some cool Corian counters, but they were almost as expensive as granite.

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