Drupal 5.7 on Resin 3.1.4

So, in case you didn’t hear, Caucho has a component called Quercus built into their Resin product which is a pure Java PHP interpreter. With this product, it is claimed that one can achieve 4x performance gains with Drupal (phew…that was a lot of links). The concept of being able to call into Java code as well seems appealing to me. Although Drupal is now at version 6.0, I tried it with 5.7, since I know most modules work with 5.x, but I’m not sure about 6. Here’s a quick guide…

  1. Download Caucho Resin 3.1.4 (open source)
  2. Download Drupal 5.7
  3. Unzip Resin
  4. Put a copy of mysql JDBC driver in the lib directory under resin
  5. Put a copy of JavaMail mail.jar in the lib directory also
  6. Create mysql database for drupal and a user to access it
  7. Go into webapps under the resin directory
  8. Unzip drupal here
  9. Rename drupal-5.7 to drupal
  10. Create WEB-INF/resin-web.xml under the drupal directory:



  11. Modify drupal/sites/default/settings.php
    • Change database name
    • Change username/password
  12. Start resin (java -jar lib/resin.jar)
  13. Go to http://localhost:8080/drupal/install.php (you need to explicitly go to install.php, since drupal gets confused about the modified settings.php, but no data in the db)
  14. Your drupal should now be functional

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