Moved in

So, I have really been slacking on posts lately, but this is my first post after having moved in. I think Tuesday was the first night I slept in the condo. There are still a bunch of finishing touches to be done, plus I need to get some furniture and stuff, but it is cool to be moved in. The kitchen is still a mess with junk and tools, so I’ll need to clean that up before I can use it. I’m also still waiting on the refrigerator. They’ve attempted to deliver it twice, but keep bringing one that opens the wrong way. I’m starting to think they aren’t going to be able to get it right, and I’m going to have to cancel. Ikea has a rebranded Whirpool refrigerator that can definitely have the door reversed for about $100 more than the one I ordered, so I might just do that if they can’t get it right. I have some more pics, but I need to get to sleep, so perhaps I will add them tomorrow.

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