This weekend was pretty productive. Friday night was booked for watching the Borat movie, which was hilarious, but a little out of hand. The naked fight scene was a little over the top. Anyway, on Saturday afternoon I started the project of doing the moldings (those little things that go between your walls and floors). I had originally planned on holding off on them until I moved in, then doing them leisurely, but I figured it would be a pain to move furniture to install them, and I’m still waiting on carpet. They were pretty nasty, covered with old caulk, pieces of linoleum and carpet fibers. I used a scraper to get all the pieces of stuff off, then sanded them to smooth them out and prep for painting. By 2 am on Saturday night, they were all cleaned off, and half of them were painted. I had to do the painting in two batches, because there were so many, and I only had so much space to lay them on the dropcloth to dry. My hands were extremely sore from all of the scraping and sanding. I got a call on Saturday night telling me my appliances would come the next morning between 8:15-10:15, so I had to get up early and go wait for them. I painted the rest of the moldings by 9:30, then the guys showed up right at 10:15. The stove looks nice in the kitchen, but they screwed up the refrigerator, and will have to re-deliver on Tuesday. The dishwasher was left in the box, because they charge extra to install them. I went home right after the delivery and took a nap. Mike and I went back over there in the evening, and laid out a bunch of the moldings. About half of them aren’t labeled, but it looks like it won’t be too bad to figure out where they go. We also got the dishwasher mostly hooked up, but the adjustable feet don’t go up high enough, so I think I’m going to buy a board to put under it to boost it up to the right height. I also called up Home Depot today and they have the carpet in, so hopefully they can install it this week. It seems like things should be in pretty good order by the end of the week.

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