Laminate is done

I finished the laminate in under an hour after work today, then I cleaned up a bit. I cleaned up a bunch of misc junk that was around, plus the 2nd bedroom, so it can be carpeted. The moldings in that room plus the bedroom closets still needs to be touched up, so I figured I should start on that, so I sanded all of the moldings after getting some dinner. I was vacuuming before 9 and the neighbors pounded on the ceiling a bunch of times. I swear they are a bunch of whiners. Anyway, I got done around 11 and headed home. It’s getting close to being ready for the carpet. The word from Home Depot on the vanities is that it will be another week or more, which is pretty annoying. I might have to move in before those are done.

Anyway, here’s what the floor looks like:

And here are some toilet install shots:

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