Getting closer

Today the laminate floor was almost finished in the living/dining area. We could have finished, but it got a little too late to be using the table saw, so there are about 3 rows left for me to wrap up tomorrow. Should only take about a half hour. We also finished with the installation of the new toilets. They are Toto Drake toilets, with the “G-Max” flush system. My goal is to be able to not own a plunger. We’ll see. So far, the toilet shutoff valves have been the only ones to not leak. Last night, when my dad and I installed the first toilet, however, the valve started spraying water out of the handle all over the place when it was turned on all the way. We went to Home Depot and bought more shutoff valves. We were able to get the quarter-turn style, which are pretty fancy since they’re really easy to turn on and off. I’m not sure if the second toilet valve was leaking, but I figured if they were using crap parts, it probably would be soon. Both of those shutoff valves installed pretty easily and didn’t leak. Score. So, really all thats left now before I can move in is the carpet and the bathroom vanities. There is a little touchup work left on the moldings in the rooms that are getting carpet, so that needs to be done before I bring in the carpet installers. I took some pictures, but I forgot my camera at the condo, so I’ll post them tomorrow hopefully.

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