BREW makefile

So, I said I would say more about BREW and gcc. I have a Makefile that works well with gcc/gnu make to generate Win32 executable DLLs for the simulator. I also got ARM stuff to build with almost full C++ support, but I haven’t tested it on a device yet so I’ll hold off on posting that. As soon as the devices get back from Qualcomm for test enabling, I will test.

Anyway, here we are:

CPPFLAGS=-g -I “C:\program files\BREW 3.1.4\sdk\inc” -I . -D AEE_SIMULATOR

genesis: genesis.o AEEModGen.o AEEAppGen.o
g++ -g -shared -mno-cygwin -o genesis.dll genesis.o AEEModGen.o AEEAppGen.o
rm -rf *.o *.dll

all: genesis

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