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I got really sick of Firefox hogging all of the memory on my laptop (it has 4 gigs), and I thought it would be fun to drive my coworkers nuts by reporting bugs specific to an exotic browser, so I started checking them out the other day. I started with Amaya because I remember it being really crappy back in like ’98. Unfortunately it still is. So, I tried Opera and it is actually pretty nice. The interface is a little ugly, but it seems to be way faster than Firefox. It also has this cool speed dial thing that comes up whenever you open a new tab that shows you all of your favorite web sites, and it shows them as pictures, which I think is really cool. So far it is pretty much able to keep up with FF on ajaxy web sites, although I have noticed a few issues with facebook. It also works with this web site I use that has a complicated Java applet. Pretty cool.