Cool program

I purchased one of the new MacBook Pro’s that were released in April, and I’ve been really liking it.  Mostly it just offers improvements to some things that were getting annoying about my old one.  It has more memory, a higher resolution display, and the unibody case is cool.  In any case, the battery life is nowhere even close to the 8-9 hours they advertise.  As a result, I was curious about how often it was using the high powered discrete NVidia graphics chip, so I started looking with system profiler, and it was pretty much always running.  With some experimenting, I found out it was mostly because of Google Chrome.  It would be cool if Apple released some tools to fine tune the graphics switching, and I imagine they eventually will, but for now there is this cool program, gfxCardStatus, which has really advanced quickly since it was released.  One thing that is really cool now is that it shows a list of programs that are causing the system to use the high powered chip.

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