BREW Logger on Sprint

So, for a while I have lamented about the lack of a way to read System.out.println() output on Sprint CDMA phones. Today I had a random idea and it turned out to work well. For BREW, Qualcomm has a function called DBGPRINTF that prints stuff out. In the simulator, it just shows up in a little windows. On real phones, you can connect to the phone with a tool called BREW Logger and view the output. Since Sprint CDMA phones are based on BREW under the hood, I decided to give it a try. Samson was having some problems with a hang, so he brough in his KRZR K1m and we hooked it up. It spits out a lot of garbage, but the println() output is indeed there when you use the BREW Logger. So, for all of you Sprint CDMA developers out there, this is an awesome resource. It might not work on all phones, but it does work on the KRZR, and probably related phones like RAZR and SLVR. The only problem is, you need to be an “authenticated” BREW developer to download the tool, which costs quite a bit. Perhaps someone at Sprint can find an arrangement for us to get this tool for free.

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