So, the updated checklist…

  • Finish bathroom vanities
  • Get carpeting installed
  • Install laminate moldings
  • Sand and paint wall moldings
  • Install wall moldings
  • Get appliances installed/replaced
  • Install kitchen backsplash (low priority)
  • Touch up a few paint spots
  • Install bar counter
  • Get blinds

The carpet is on order, the appliances are on order, and I just ordered blind samples tonight, so I think we are in good shape. I just need to get cracking on the moldings.

I stopped by Ikea tonight to pick up some new handles for the bathroom cabinets, and looked around a bit. I think I might get a kitchen table there, and they had some nice rugs. I’m not that into the whole oriental style, which is cool because those are the expensive ones.

I’m thinking about moving my stuff in this weekend, since I’m going to be in Vegas the next weekend. The carpet won’t be in, though, so I won’t have access to closets or bedrooms, which kind of sucks, particularly for clothes.

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