Motorola HT820 review

So, a couple months ago, I decided my headphones at work were too uncomfortable, and I figured I’d venture into some high tech gadgetry. My laptop at work has a built in bluetooth card, so I started looking into bluetooth headphones. The Dell bluetooth stack is horrible and hasn’t been able to do anything I’ve attempted with bluetooth. It couldn’t talk to my Treo 650 to get Internet access, and I easily determined it didn’t support A2DP for headphones. To fix the problem getting to my Treo, I just uninstalled the stack and used the built-in Windows XP one, which worked ok, but it wasn’t going to cut it for A2DP. I then discovered BlueSoleil, which is a third-party stack and supports quite a few profiles. Anyway, I ordered these Motorola HT-820 headphones, and got them working with BlueSoleil. It isn’t perfect, but it works pretty smoothly and the audio quality is great. I think the most significant problems are that it seems to fail to pair automatically if I turn on the headphones after booting the computer, and iTunes won’t play on the headphones if I pair after starting it. Also, the headphones work with the Treo, and can automatically switch between music on the computer and phone calls with the push of a button, which is pretty cool. So, here’s a summary of my pros and cons for the Motorola/BlueSoleil combination…


  • Good audio quality
  • Ability to switch between phone/music
  • BlueSoleil supports A2DP + Dialup networking well


  • Weird problems pairing
  • BlueSoleil doesn’t seem to support AVRC, so the track switch buttons on the headphones don’t work
  • Headphones are a little uncomfortable with glasses

Overall, I think they were a good purchase. The freedom from wires is cool, and they are no less comfortable than other headphones I’ve had.

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