More vanity fun

So, it turns out our little problem with the table saw last night was user error. You have to turn the nut backwards to get it off–how stupid. So, I got the blade off pretty easily this evening and replaced it with a 24 tooth blade. That thing ripped right through the wood nicely, and I had a couple of filler pieces in no time. I looked through my screws to find something close to the recommended #8×1.5″ screws, and found some #6×1.5″, but they were definitely too short. Stupid installation instructions. Mike and I went to Home Depot and picked up some #8×2″ screws. Those worked pretty well, although they were pretty tough to screw in all the way. In any case, we got 2/3 of the cabinets installed in the master, but then we ran into a problem for the last one. Apparently one of the 20″ tiles under the cabinet is seriously off level, so it screws up the cabinet level. My plan is to use the circular saw to cut a bit off the cabinet in the back, and it should just chill above the crooked tile. We also attempted to caulk the sinks to the counters, but you know that black caulk is always trouble….

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