Random odds and ends

Today, I planned to work on the cabinets some more. I moved the table saw downstairs, and tried to switch the blade. Unfortunately, it was pretty much impossible to get the retaining nut off even with my great strength. John was with me, so he tried too, but wasn’t able to get it. I decided to cut losses and start working on the bar counter instead. That went ok. Everything is cut and fits now, but it is a little weird. The two pieces of counter don’t seem to line up perfectly so the surface isn’t quite level. I stopped by home depot later and got some metal plates to screw them together, so I think I can get that all fixed. While I made some final cuts to the counters, John spotted a mouse running across the garage, apparently scared by the saw. He tried to catch it for a while and it was quite funny to watch. I have caught three mice inside now, although I think they are almost all gone, because the traps haven’t caught anything in a while.

After the counters were in pretty decent shape, we started work on mounting the sinks under the new vanity tops. The mounting system was really weird, and I was about to give up and call tech support tomorrow, but we got it figured out. We got the alignment all set and traced lines, so now we just have to caulk the sinks and remount, which should take about 15 minutes. I didn’t do it tonight because I couldn’t find my spackling knife anywhere.

So, if you are feeling up to a challenge of strength, let me know and you can have a go at removing the table saw blade tomorrow :).

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