I mean vanities. The bathroom vanities came in the other day, and on Sunday Mike and I got a chance to get started installing them. We started off replacing all the 6 shut-off valves on the water. Everything went off without a hitch, which was pretty awesome, because they usually leak like crazy. We got the first vanity in the small bathroom installed easily. We located two studs right away and screwed it in. Then we started on the master and the stud locations were terrible. We only located one usable stud, and it was on the first of three cabinets. We went to Home Depot and picked up some heavy duty anchors. The first cabinet was a real pain to install, because the anchor wasn’t perfectly centered. At that point we were pretty much out of time.

So, today I went by myself to work on it some more. The first thing I needed to do was install a filler piece between the first two cabinets. I set up the table saw and started to rip the filler to a half inch wide, and things started to smoke up. The blade was burning the wood hardcore. I wasn’t really sure why, so I finished up the floor in the office and headed out. After reading online, it sounds like I should be using a blade with less teeth, and the rip guide might be misaligned.

Here are a couple pictures of the cabinets going in:

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