Getting somewhere

Yesterday, the tile was finished. The tile installers seem to have done a pretty good job and it looks nice. My new countertop for the bar came in as well, and I picked it up from Home Depot. I removed the old one, which was really hard to get off. It was attached with four big spots of glue between the two sections, and a couple nails stick up through the studs and pierce through the bottom. I used a giant crowbar which came in handy. By the time that was off, it was probably about 8:30, and I didn’t want to piss off the neighbors too much, so I held off on cutting the new countertop. I picked out a carpet sample and gave it to the tile people, who said they can do carpet as well, so we’ll see about that. I’m trying to track down some cork underlayment for the laminate so that I can start it this weekend, but I think I might need to order online, which will take about a week and a half to deliver. I’ll try to get some pictures posted of the tile job soon.

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