Out of money?

Today after work, I stopped by the place and did some measurements on the bathrooms to get the final design for the vanities checked. Everything looks good, so I went to Home Depot to order. It took me about an hour and a half to get everything ordered. I even ordered the countertop for the bar part of the kitchen, since Ikea’s don’t fit there. I went up to the checkout to pay and gave them my credit card and it was rejected. So, I pulled out the backup card. Rejected again. Anyway, I ended up being unable to pay so they had to “suspend” my order. I went home and called up the credit card and found out it was over my limit. They ended up increasing it for me, and I got everything paid for. I’m still not sure why the other card didn’t work. Oh well, at least this ball is rolling now. I could’ve gotten granite counters for a little over twice as much, but I really can’t be spending out of control now. I was tempted though.

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