Another day, more stuff

Today I ripped out more cabinets and did a little painting. All of the cabinets are out except for the sink one, because I need the sink to clean paint stuff. We ran into a nasty problem…the paint color for the accent walls is not uniform. It appears that the original paint I got from Home Depot was a darker shade. I’m almost positive it was supposed to be the same color. I went back there and the guy had no idea why it was different. I had him look in the computer for the order but he couldn’t find it. I’m gonna go back with the receipt with the date/time and see what I ordered. I’m guessing the paint person maybe heard the color wrong and mixed a different one. If I can’t get the original color, I’m gonna have to repaint a whole room plus a wall. Hopefully, we can get the original color and all will be well. After we ripped out all the cabinets, my dad patched up a bunch of messed up parts of the wall with joint compound, which takes quite a while to dry. I was hoping to paint the kitchen today, but the stuff was not dry. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll post some pictures of the gutted kitchen tomorrow, and also the paint line trick worked really well, so I will post some pictures of that.

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