Condo work

So, as you may have heard, I recently purchased a condo. It came with a bunch of money for redecorating expenses, so I was planning on doing some work to make it nice. It turns out the people trashed it, and it needed to be pretty much gutted. I took pictures of the place for record and they are here if you want to see the extent of the nasty.

I, along with a bunch of helpful family members have been spending the past week or so cleaning things and ripping out flooring, etc. It is already looking much better. Tomorrow I hope to start painting. I am going to paint the ceilings “ceiling white” and the rest of the tile/paint selection can be seen here:

The top two colors will be the paint colors. The right side will be the main color, with the darker color being an accent color on various walls. I’m not totally decided on any of this, but those are the choices for now.

I’m going to try and post daily or whatever and update on the progress. You can see the full gallery of photos here.

So, for today, Mike and I started working early and started with the bathroom. We installed some new faucets in the master bathroom earlier, but finished hooking up the drain levers today, so they are fully operational. I also started dismantling the toilet in the master bath, which will be replaced after the tile goes in. Then, I started washing all the walls while Mike worked on removing moldings where tile is going in. We will paint and lay the tile with them off, then clean them up and put them back on. He also pulled out some remaining tack strips where carpet is being replaced with other flooring, as well as some tile in the living room which will be replaced with the new tile. I finished washing almost all of the walls, so I’m pretty happy about that. Here’s a few action shots:

Mike just finished removing the tiles from around the fireplace.

Me scrubbing the walls

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